Kevin Yaun is an abstract impressionist painter based in Laguna Beach, California where he Is completing his MFA with LCAD. He uses bold brushwork and a minimalist palette to interpret everyday scenes. Light and shadow play a strong part in his work, using form to express the essence of each object.

In 2008, he graduated with a BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design to start a career in advertising as a commercial artist and digital designer. For over a decade, he worked with global brands including Netflix, Adidas and Google to design creative digital experiences. The past few years brought him back to his roots as an artist leading to his first solo show in Los Angeles in 2019. Since then he’s been in multiple group shows and is now living as a full-time oil painter and student.


2008 BFA Savannah College of Art & Design · Savannah, Atlanta, London, New York City


2023 “The Cityscape Show XIII” Billis Williams Gallery · Los Angeles

2023 “Seattle Art Fair” Billis Williams Gallery · Seattle

2023 “A Better View” ABV Gallery · Atlanta

2023 “Summer in the City” Cat Eye Creative · Atlanta

2023 “5 x 5 Project XIII” Abend Gallery · Denver

2023 “Art Market San Francisco” Billis Williams Gallery · San Francisco

2023 “SIX BY SIX” ABV Gallery · Atlanta

2023 “2023andMe” City Hall · Laguna Beach

2022 “The Cityscape Show XII: Iconic” George Billis Gallery · Los Angeles

2022 “SIX BY SIX” ABV Gallery · Atlanta

2022 “Ties that Bind” Tiger Creek Studio · Lakemont

2021 “Haec Culti” Continuum Gallery · Hendersonville

2019 “Strangers & Palms” Thank You for Asking Gallery · Los Angeles

2019 Groundwork Coffee · Los Angeles

2013 Sid Lee Gallery · Amsterdam

2012 Takt Residency Group Show · Berlin